Growing Body Of Evidence Suggests Masks Protect Those Wearing Them, Too : NPR

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“NPR’s Ailsa Chang talks with Dr. Monica Gandhi of the University of California, San Francisco, about growing evidence that masks help lower the severity of the coronavirus for those who wear them.

Full story of excerpts below at source: >Growing Body Of Evidence Suggests Masks Protect Those Wearing Them, Too : NPR

“…they really are protective of you as an individual. And sort of putting it all together, it really is that the less virus that you get in, the less sick you’re likely to be. So not only do masks protect you – and we’ve seen from getting the virus and altogether.

“And that’s been seen in hamster studies. That’s been seen in a health care worker study that was just published last week in JAMA. But if you do get the virus in, you get very little in. And you’re likely to get what’s called an asymptomatic infection or not have any symptoms at all and – or a very mild infection.

it really looks like any country that has adopted universal mask wearing – and many, many countries have – even as they open up and they’re seeing each other more and there’s more cases, it has led to much, much fewer deaths or severe illness. So the idea about this virus is it’s completely bizarre how it can cause no symptoms in some people and very, very severe symptoms in others…even in settings where there are outbreaks but everyone masked, there’s, like, a 95% rate of not having symptoms at all

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