Online Digital Support


Click  >  CONTACT  form and enter your email address and cell phone number, meeting request and the submit button. I will then coordinate a time in which we can have a Skype now meeting with you and send you a link to click to join the meeting at the scheduled time.
(>Starting a meeting in Skype Now)


Remote Control with aeromadmin Setup Option
Wait for me to tell you to click on the below aeroadmin download icon to load the remote desktop software so I can connect to your computer. Follow the instructions to accept the software in all the windows that pop up.
When the AeroAdmin session window opens, either tell me on the phone or copy  the ID from the “Your ID” box into a chat message line  so I can connect to your session.
I will let you know when I see your computer window.

Download Remote Desktop SoftwareDownload Remote Desktop Software

You may record our work session using instructions from the Wikihow link: