Family gatherings linked to COVID-19 spikes nationwide, numbers show | KXAN Austin

>Google News Family Gatherings and Covid

According to national trends, unless you’re gathering with family from your own household, a barbecue in the backyard could put you at risk.

Full story of excerpts below at Source: >Family gatherings linked to COVID-19 spikes nationwide, numbers show | KXAN Austin

“Earlier last month, in Charlotte, North Carolina, health officials say that a single family gathering was responsible for at least 40 cases of COVID-19, likely due to family members and guests who didn’t know they were already infected.

The county’s website created an illustration to help explain how the family gathering contributed to further infections — which included a 67-year-old grandparent, an 85-year-old neighbor, and several coworkers.

“This set into motion a person-to-person contact chain that to date has spread COVID-19 to 41 people in 9 different families and 8 different workplaces,”

>This is what health experts want you to know about seeing friends and family

Continue with full story at source link above.

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