What Happens When Students Or Teachers Test Positive? : Consider This from NPR : NPR

>Here Are The Early-Opening U.S. School Districts Already Battling Cases Of The Coronavirus

>Watch Out for Little Superspreaders. Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds – The New York Times

The Virus Is Out Of Control, And Kids Are Headed Back To School Anyway

11 Minute Podcast and Continue with Full Story at Source link: >What Happens When Students Or Teachers Test Positive? : Consider This from NPR

“Constantly trying to stay away from my students, keep my students away from each other, not having my students participate in things like labs, forcing them to sit in straight rows and wear masks. And I ended up calling it my spectrum of misery because nowhere in that spectrum did I see a way that I could be happy with what I do.

A spectrum of misery that goes from bad to worse – that is what a lot of teachers are facing. And for parents, the decision is even more stark. Keep your kids at home and they miss out on all the benefits of being in school, or send them to school – which a lot of parents have no choice but to do – where there will be cases of the virus. And here’s just a fraction of what some districts are trying to figure out.

“And first of all, I should say these plans rely entirely on testing actually being available with a reasonable turnaround time within a few days and a robust local public health department that can do contact tracing. And if you have those two things, the basic principle is if you find one case, you can possibly just test and quarantine the folks who came into close contact with that one person. Ideally, if the school’s practicing distancing and breaking kids into small cohorts, it could just be a few people that have to quarantine or maybe just one classroom pod.

“On the other hand, if you find more than one case across different cohorts, then you might be shutting the whole school down. And so families are wrapping their head around the idea. Oh, my gosh. It’s not just that I only have school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. It is also that on any given day, I have to brace for school being closed by the health department.

“There have been a few new papers and case studies out in the past few days that do underline that children and teens – at times they can get this virus. And they can potentially spread it pretty efficiently. At the same time, the overarching evidence has still been that children and even teens don’t get sick as often or severely with coronavirus as adults. But, you know, that’s cold comfort to the adults who are heading into school buildings to work closely with lots of children in a few weeks.

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