‘Long Haulers’ Describe What It’s Like When COVID-19 Lasts For Months : NPR

>Long after a Covid-19 infection, mental and neurological effects smolder

>Covid-19 can be a prolonged illness, even for young adults, CDC report says – CNN | The Patient Advisor

Some people who get COVID-19 are stuck with lasting, debilitating symptoms. Two women share their stories of how they’ve been suffering for the “long haul.”

11 Minute Podcast and full story of excerpts below at Source: >’Long Haulers’ Describe What It’s Like When COVID-19 Lasts For Months : NPR

“Support groups on Facebook include thousands of people who say they have been wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms for at least a month, if not two or three. The groups have coined a name for themselves: “long-haulers.”

Long-haulers are often left out of the COVID-19 narrative. Data sheets count cases, hospitalizations, recoveries and deaths…Many long-haulers say their doctors doubted their symptoms were as severe as they were saying. Roberts says her original primary care physician insisted it was just stress and suggested she watch Lifetime movies and do puzzles to calm down. “I know stress,” Roberts says. “This was not stress.”

“The heartbreaking loneliness of the pandemic has been difficult enough for healthy people. But it’s been a terrifying challenge for those like Roberts and Nowell who also must live with foggy minds, intense fatigue and continual fear of erratic symptoms. Roberts says she’s still afraid to go anywhere because the worst symptoms still come on so fast.

Continue with full story at source link above.

Vince Lombardi - Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

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