For Medicare, Having A Power Of Attorney Is Not Enough

A power of attorney is a powerful thing, but when it comes to Medicare it’s not enough.

>Medicare Power of Attorney 101

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“A power of attorney (POA) is a powerful thing. A financial power of attorney document allows an appointed person to make financial, legal and property decisions on another individual’s behalf. A person holding another’s POA can sell the individual’s car to pay medical bills, for example. A medical POA is a durable power of attorney for healthcare. This allows an agent (a trusted friend or family member) to make important and necessary healthcare decisions if the individual becomes incapacitated or unable to communicate or participate in care. For example, with this authority, the POA can make healthcare decisions for an individual on a ventilator. Establishing powers of attorney (POA) must be done while a person is of sound mind and able to make financial and medical decisions.

The problem was that powers of attorney do not stand alone when it comes to Medicare issues. By law, Medicare requires a beneficiary’s written permission to use or provide personal medical information for any purpose not defined in the privacy notice contained in the “Medicare & You” handbook.

Note these specific instructions for completion of the form.

  • Check whether you authorize Medicare to release limited or any information. If limited, identify the type of information, such as claims, eligibility or premiums.
  • Identify whether the authorization applies for a specified period of time or indefinitely.
  • Submit the form by mail to Medicare. There is no fax or email submission.

You never know what’s around the corner so the time to prepare is before you get there. Take these three important steps.

  • Establish or update your financial and medical powers-of-attorney.
  • Identify and designate your authorized Medicare representative.
  • Contact your Medicare plan(s) and complete the authorization forms.

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