Free Online Healthcare Support Services

Note: This site provides information and resources to aid in better medical decisions but not personal medical consulting or advice. You can find qualified patient advocate links from the >ADVOCACY page who can accompany you to medical appointments and help you work with your doctors. They have the insurance to cover the liabilities in their service.



>Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card Background Check Information


  • Patient Advocate Locator
  • Medical Communications Coaching
  • Clinical Research Reviews and Updates
  • Online Technology Coaching
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring
  • Patient education to promote self-management
  • Personal Computer Assistance.
  • Guidance on use of this site for healthcare research
  • Documentation and research for healthcare options (not medical advice)
  • Locating community, networking and patient group resources.
  • Medical Research and reports using medical research databases and services on the web and medical libraries. Assistance helping to learn how to use medical resources for research.
  • Help investigating complementary, and clinical trials


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