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Sacred Health – PBS 2 Hour Program on medicine and spirituality

What an amazing reframing it would be if instead of looking at healthcare as a business, that we look at it as something sacred, something special, as a calling.
Christina Puchalski, M.D. Director of The George Washington Institute for Spirituality & Health.

“Your Health: A Sacred Matter explores the role religion and health have played historically in Western medicine; the connections between religion, spirituality and health that are increasingly common in contemporary society; the role of religion and spirituality in healer’s lives and their approach to healing.

The film discusses how modern biomedical investigations into mind/body connections are challenging conventional views about religion and spirituality in the West and how modern healers respond to a multicultural clientele. Given this moment of apparent transition in the history of healing as it relates to religion and spirituality in the West, we show how this knowledge is being passed on to the next generation of healers as well as the public at large.

Through the film, we interpret engaging ways religion, spirituality and health interact in the everyday lives of many Americans.”

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>The Chapter Summaries and >Short Film Clips can be used for discussion points and questions.

Here are some questions that were addressed in studies:

  • Praying for the sick: does it do any good?
  • Will attending religious services improve your health?
  • How do religious & spiritual practices change the brain?
  • Is forgiveness a powerful predictor of health status?

“One of the high priorities in our healthcare system is honoring, respecting and accommodating religious beliefs of a diverse population. ”

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